About Us

About Our Clinic
Dr. Michel Levy and staff are committed to providing excellence in eye health care and customer service. We care about our patient's needs and strive to educate them on all aspects of vision and eye health.


Free Consultation
image_1Free Consultation on Contact, Eye Glasses, Computer Glasses, and specialty sports goggles/glasses

Come in for free consultation on how specialty contacts and/or glasses can add to your enjoyment.


Who We Are

Eye Care Greenwich is a full service eye care office that has been in business for more than 30 years. Dr. Levy prides herself on keeping up on the last technology and eye care.

Eye Exams are optimized under the care of Dr. Levy by the use of new technology to examine retinas without eye drops or to detect precursors to glaucoma. In addition Dr. Levy addresses all pediatric needs, and specializes in difficult to fit contract lenses for all ages.



Professional Eye Care

Services Overview


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